We are a home and hub for visionaries in South Florida who are changing the world.

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Who We Are - Miami's Coworking Space for Nonprofits

The Center for Social Change (C4SC) houses Miami's coworking space and community environment for mission-driven leaders and organizations including nonprofits and social entrepreneurs. With affordable workspace options, meeting spaces, and access to events and educational opportunities, we provide a community of support in which to work, connect, innovate, and learn.

Together, we're part of a global movement of social innovators and entrepreneurs who are creating systemic solutions to the world's most critical problems. We believe that our planet's seemingly insurmountable problems can be solved if everyone commits to being the solution, and we work collaboratively to innovate and create lasting, meaningful change.

C4SC members and staff develop their own community initiatives, contribute time to community projects, and participate in local events to grow our network and build collaborative relationships.

Miami Meeting Space Wellness Meditation Room

Wellness for Social Change

We believe that personal well-being is essential for community well-being. Holistic health and wellness is an integral part of the C4SC coworking experience. Members have access to weekly yoga classes, guided meditations, monthly therapeutic sessions and frequent lunch-and-learn events with wellness practitioners like massage therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, psychologists and sound healers.