C4SC Miami Coworking Memberships

As a member of the Center for Social Change (C4SC), you will be part of our Miami coworking community of nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, and community leaders who are working across sectors to change the world. With educational and networking opportunities, wellness programs and events, we provide our members with the support they need to launch, grow, and amplify their impact.

You'll find a good home here if you are a

Non-Profit Organization

Social Entrepreneur

Individual or Project with a Mission to Benefit Others

Our coworking hub is located just minutes away from Downtown Miami and Coral Gables, and is easily accessible by way of mass transit. We offer a variety of affordable coworking membership options whether you're looking for a place to work on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. All C4SC Miami coworking members have access to reception services, wi-fi, meeting and event space, full kitchen with a coffee/cappuccino maker, yoga/meditation room, copier/printer/scanner, and audio-visual equipment.

Member Benefits
C4SC offers the following benefits to members to enhance both your organization and
personal development.

Org Toolkit
Our monthly workshops and trainings will expand your skills and provide you with
practical tools to develop your nonprofit. We bring in knowledgeable professionals to
share their expertise in areas such as accounting, fundraising, program evaluation and

Wellness for Social Change

We believe that personal well-being is essential for community well-being. Holistic
health and wellness is an integral part of the C4SC Miami coworking experience.
Members have access to weekly yoga classes, guided meditations, monthly therapeutic
sessions and frequent lunch-and- learn events with wellness practitioners like massage
therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, psychologists and sound healers.

Some of the best connections with other members happen during our monthly social
events when we celebrate our members’ birthdays. Impromptu opportunities happen
frequently, providing a chance to get to know members in a fun and casual way.

Miami Meeting Space Fundraising Event

Coworking Membership Packages

Access to Member-Only Event & Programs. Member pricing on events. Access to member communication platform. Promotion on your events.
$25/month & $90/month for 3 people at one organization


Conference Room:






Desk Exchange

*Volunteer 8 hours/wk at front desk/events

8 hours/month

Access to shared spaces

Small cubby

6 month minimum

per month

Use our address for receiving mail

2 hours/month

Access to shared spaces

Flex Coworking
per month

First‐come, first‐serve seating in co‐working space

8 hours/month

Access to shared spaces

Small cubby

6 month minimum

Dedicated Desk
per month

Assigned desk with secure storage

8 hours/month

Desk provided in coworking space

File cabinet

6 month minimum

Shared Office
per month

Enclosed, shared office for individuals or small teams

8 hours/month

Members provide their own furniture

Members provide their own storage

For purchase

Private Office
per month

Enclosed, private office for individual or small team

16 hours/month

Members provide their own furniture

Members provide their own storage

For purchase

Coworking Membership Packages

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Conference Room

Shared Space Access


Mail Box



Are You Ready to Become a Center for Social Change Member?

Please submit one of the applications below, and we will contact you within 2 business days to arrange a tour of our Miami coworking spaces, and to schedule an interview.