For over a decade Center for Social Change has united, supported and hosted events with more than 500 nonprofit organizations, social entrepreneurs and community leaders, who all work collaboratively towards a shared vision for social change. Our Programs include co-working, information sharing, educational programs, research and networking events.

The Center continues to host educational workshops with our members that have been part of a dynamic community of charitable organizations, social ventures, and community leaders who are working across sectors to change the world. The Center has broken barriers in Miami by bringing 70+ organizations with social missions under one roof.

Bill Burdette Miami Coworking Space

William R. Burdette

President & Secretary

William Burdette is President of Charity Services Centers, P.A. (CSC), and CEO of Impact Deposits Corporation (IDC). Bill offers over 30 years of corporate finance and investment banking experience and previously owned and managed a regional broker-dealer firm. As the founder of CSC and IDC, Bill has been instrumental in product development, patent processing, legal structuring, computer automation, and government authorization. Bill developed the “charity affinity program”, the signature program of CSC, which links community banks with local charitable organizations. CSC now serves over 200 nonprofits and has four regional offices and eight satellite locations around the country. Bill also sits on the Board of Directors of Learning 1 to 1 Foundation. Bill received a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois (B.A., 1969), a law degree from Columbia Law School, and an MBA from the University of Miami.

Alex Escher Miami Coworking Space

Alexandra Esher


Alex has over 25 years of financial management experience, including Vice President and Business Manager of a telecommunications company. Alex is a Senior Advisor of Impact Deposits Corporation (IDC) and has been with the company since 2005. She has been instrumental in catalyzing IDC’s growth through financial management and operational and administrative oversight. Alex is also the Vice President of Charity Services Centers, P.A. and responsible for managing bank relations and facilitating meaningful connections between banks and nonprofits. She advises many nonprofits on their programs and enjoys being a resource for them.

Katie Burdette Miami Coworking Space

Katie Burdette


Katie’s passion is educating children and started her own daycare center, Just Like Home. Katie previously worked with Charity Services Centers, P.A., and served many of the nonprofits in the charity affinity program. She was also instrumental in the design and expansion of the Center for Social Change in its early days. Katie has a background in Early Childhood Education and Child Development with an associates degree from Florida State University.

Tarshea Sanderson Miami Coworking Space

Tarshea Sanderson


Tarshea's passion is creating community! As the Executive Director of the Community Building Institute (CBI) in Jacksonville, Florida, Tarshea uses her leadership skills for the advancement of undeserved communities by developing and managing housing and workforce programs. She has a talent for empowering others to overcome their obstacles and recognize their potential.

Tarshea is also a natural entrepreneur and has started her own cleaning, t-shirt design and landscaping business. Prior to working with CBI, Tarshea was the Director of Events at the Center for Social Change in Miami, a hub for nonprofits and changemakers.

Tarshea has a background in the criminal justice system and is a 2021 graduate of College and Community Fellowship’s 7th Cohort of Women Influencing Systems & History (WISH) based out of New York City and Ladies Empowerment and Action Program (LEAP) of Miami. She holds certificates from Miami-Dade College, Barry University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Ministry from Jacksonville Baptist Theology Seminary. She has been featured on many news programs and in articles that spotlight voting rights for returning citizens and re-entry programs.