Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (β€œHTGT”) is a public arts program that rallies the residents of Hialeah and greater Miami area around local environmental issues. We aim to support and showcase Hialeah born or based artists in the visual, literary and performing arts who use their talents to depict the impacts of climate change and the importance of environmental sustainability. Our programming is curated to address local climate challenges and encourage home-grown solutions by providing opportunities for creative collaboration between artists, community organizers, government officials, business owners and the wider community.

In essence, HTGT draws upon the transformative power of the arts and the unique strength of local partnerships to foster environmental stewardship and boost political will for tangible action on climate change. Our hope is that people will see our beautiful city the way that we see it: an ecologically and socially fragile place with rich cultural heritage, creative talent and artistic history, andβ€”if enough people take actionβ€”an even richer future. DON’T GO MISSING IN ACTION.

Contact: Chris Medina

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow is a fiscally sponsored project of the Center for Social Change, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization