Lucinda Kerschensteiner

Executive Director

Several years ago, my husband and I took a risk to reinvent our lives a bit. After downsizing our lives to a 15’ trailer and driving back and forth across the country several times to try out new cities where we have family, we returned to our beloved community of Fort Collins, Colorado. With a brother and adorable twin nephews in Miami, I still did not feel completely satisfied with Life 2.0 and set out to create a work opportunity that would allow me to spend time in Miami while having Fort Collins as a home base. And, that’s how I came to the Center for Social Change.

With over twenty years of experience in entrepreneurship, nonprofit, social enterprise and workforce development and management, it is a perfect match to work with the Center for Social Change and the Charity Services Centers(CSC) teams. Since January 2016, I have worked closely with the C4SC team on strategic planning, program development, and operations, while also leading programs for CSC. As interim director for the Center, I look forward to working with the members and the staff to meet the community’s needs while building a thriving organization.

As a “9” or a Peacemaker on the Enneagram, my earlier career days focused on career, personal, and business coaching, and I have coached hundreds of individuals in transition around the country. Although it’s not a large part of my days anymore, I have come to realize that coaching is an inherent part of my gifts to others.

Several years ago I changed the course of my career after completing my MBA at Colorado State University’s innovative Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise program. This sparked my love for social entrepreneurship and as a result, I founded Uhambo USA, a nonprofit that supports children with disabilities in Southern Africa.

Some fun facts:

  • I went to all girls school in Ohio (all 12 years) and then an all women’s college in Pennsylvania.
  • I am 6’ tall and yes, I played basketball!
  • My husband and I love living in Fort Collins, frequently voted as one of the best towns in the U.S.