Valerie Hill

Director of Operations & Membership

My name is Valerie Hill. I love surprising people and making them laugh, so if there is something silly around the office, you can blame me. I keep an inflatable raft in my car so I am always ready for adventure! In my free time, I love to explore whether that is in my own back yard or another country. I secretly wish to be a CIA operative.

I love bringing people together, connecting them to their passions and helping them to find creative ways to become more engaged. I started my career at 8 years old as a pet-sitter, house-sitter, baby-sitter, newspaper deliverer and soap maker. I have always cared for people with special needs and I worked for several individuals with Autism and Down Syndrome during my summers.

At the University of Miami I studied Human and Social Development with a focus on Community and Program Development. I was involved with Random Acts of Kindness Club and started a special interest housing floor called Harmony, where we focused on yoga and a healthy lifestyle. Now I work at a magical place, called the Center for Social Change. Here I manage our intern and volunteer programs, assist with members needs and small community projects.

I am passionate about empowering people through employment. I am getting back to my entrepreneurial roots and plan to start a social enterprise in Miami that will hire people who have significant barriers to employment. I am in the research phase for this and am learning through observing a few of our member organizations start businesses! If you know anyone at a great business such as Greyston Bakery or Homeboy Industries, come talk to me about replication.