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SOLAR Monthly Book Club: Spiritual Partnership by Gary Zukav

October 9, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm UTC-4


An open and engaging book discussion about ‘Spiritual Partnership – The Journey to Authentic Power’ by Gary Zukav.

About this Event

Join us for an open and engaging book discussion about Spiritual Partnership by Gary Zukav. Snacks and light refreshments are included.

From the Prologue

This is a book about change: Great changes are occurring in our world.

This is a book about possibilities: We are being called to new experiences, insights, motivations, and creations that are beyond our ability to imagine, beckoning us to new destinations and yet more new possibilities.

This is a book about power: We are evolving from an old kind of power (external power that focuses on manipulation and control) to a new kind of power (authentic personal power) that involves a focus on supporting life and personal growth. The old kind of power enabled civilization to survive and expand but now it’s producing more and more violence and destruction. Like medicine that starts to produce dangerous side effects, the old power has become poisonous to us and the environment. The new kind of power—authentic power—is a tonic that focuses on nurturing life of the individual and the environment, enabling greater spiritual growth to occur.

Change, possibilities, and power are occurring in ways that we could not have imagined, ways that have the ability to reshape the entire human experience. New values, goals, and intentions are everywhere appearing like grass in the spring.

This unprecedented transformation in human experience has two parts. We call them “the Gift” and “the Work.”

The Gift is an expansion of human awareness and perception = becoming multi-sensory beings. This Gift is happening automatically. No one needs to do anything to make it happen. The Gift is occurring in millions of individuals, and soon the Gift will occur in all humans.

The Work is to create authentic power, but the process requires that you choose to do it – it won’t happen on its own. The Work involve first experiencing in yourself, and then changing, the interior sources of destructive thoughts like:

  • painful emotions of fear, powerlessness, anger, jealousy, vengefulness,
  • obsessive thoughts like judging yourself or others,
  • longing for someone or something to change your life for you,
  • compulsive activities like workaholism or perfectionism, and
  • addictive behaviors like overeating, smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling.

It also cultivates experiencing and nurturing interior sources of pleasing experiences of emotions like gratitude, contentment, appreciation, and awe of Life.

In short, the Work will open you to a fulfilling and joyful life that is calling to you. … It will help you to discover and challenge any part of your personality that is an obstacle to what your soul intends and then it will find and support the parts of your personality that want to help you create that which is the intention of your soul.


6:00 PM – 7:00 PM: Snacks and mingling

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM: Book Discussion facilitated by Bill Burdette

If you haven’t read the book or the summary and you’re not sure if you should attend, come anyways! You’ll get an opportunity to understand the content of the book during the conversation.

You can find a summary of the book here.


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