Fiscal Management for Nonprofits

All nonprofits recognize the importance of accurate accounting but are often limited by financial and human resources. It is not always feasible to hire a staff person for this role and invest in the systems required, and it can be difficult to find a professional who is familiar with nonprofit accounting standards and meeting IRS and grantors’ requests.

After all, nonprofits want to stay focused on what they do best – serving the community and delivering on their mission.

The Center for Social Change, in addition to providing high impact programs, workspace, and shared services for its members, offers fiscal management services to the greater nonprofit community. C4SC can provide a range of services from basic and routine data-entry bookkeeping functions to reconciliations and reports.


Fiscal Management Services


    • Review transactions, investigate and resolve issues.
    • Reconcile bank accounts, identify errors and specific sources of adjustments.
    • Generate and post period-end adjusting journal entries.
    • Reconcile and analyze accounts.
    • Fiscal grant management services.
    • Donor acknowledgement letters for donations.
    • Payroll Services.

Customized reports:

    • Profit and Loss
    • Cash Balance
    • Register

Transactional Bookkeeping:

    • Posting of bills and invoices in QB.
    • Print checks for all approved expenses.
    • Provide vendor payments via ACH, Wire or check.
    • Maintain electronic copy of all invoices received and coding assigned.
    • Accept and post income and other deposits.
    • Assign grant awards by program and funder.
    • Pay pre-approved re-occurring monthly bills.

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