Fiscal Sponsorship Program

for community projects without 501(c)3 nonprofit status

What is Fiscal Sponsorship

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

Fiscal Sponsorship is a proven and cost-effective way to start a nonprofit organization or bring an idea to life.
Fiscal Sponsorship allows a charitable venture to operate under the legal and tax status of an already-registered 501(c)3 nonprofit. As your fiscal sponsor, we take care of the administrative functions of finance, legal compliance, and risk management for your project, so you can focus on implementing mission-based programs and services. With C4SC’s tax exempt status, you can also pursue grants and solicit tax-deductible donations

Do you:

Have a community project or social cause that has raised or is ready to raise funds, and you’re not incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit?

Have a coalition, network, or conference committee that isn’t a registered 501(c)3?

Have a for-profit that wants to raise funds for a social cause related to your business?

Have an innovative project looking to test a concept?

Have an existing project that needs to reduce administrative costs and overhead?

Have a nonprofit that isn’t interested in seeking 501(c)3 status?


Stop Trying To Do Everything Yourself!

If you want to make a big difference quickly with your project, there are two fiscal sponsorship models you can use to rapidly launch, sustain, and grow your organization without going through the hassle of starting your own nonprofit or managing the tedious back-office tasks that bog down and disable most community initiatives.

Which Fiscal Sponsorship Model Is Right For You?

For Unincorporated Projects
(You do not have an EIN)

Model A

Comprehensive Fiscal Sponsorship

Your fiscally-sponsored project
becomes a program of C4SC. We maintain all legal and fiduciary responsibility for your project including its employees, activities, and a full array of financial and administrative services.

For Incorporated Entities
(You have an EIN)

Model C

Pre-Approved Grant Relationship

Since you already have a registered corporation, your project creates an agreement with C4SC to receive and oversee grants and donations.

What We Can Do For You:


Model A Model C
You use our corporate EIN and 501(c)3 tax exemption status βœ“ βœ“
We review grants and proposals for your approval βœ“ βœ“
We oversee all grant funds and donations βœ“ βœ“
We send donor acknowledgments for gifts larger than $250 βœ“ βœ“
We submit your 990 tax returns as part of our filings βœ“ βœ“
We perform an annual audit on all managed activities βœ“ βœ“
You get full benefits of C4SC membership for as low as $50 per month βœ“ βœ“
We maintain nonprofit registrations in Florida βœ“ Β 
Bookkeeping services βœ“ Β 
Accepting committed revenue and tracking restrictions as deemed appropriate by the funder βœ“ Β 
1099 preparation and IRS filing on independent contractors βœ“ Β 
General liability βœ“ Β 
Processing of all deposits instead of full bookkeeping services βœ“ βœ“

Minimum Requirements To Get Started:


Mission to serve the
South Florida


A well-written
strategic plan.


An active advisory
committee with at least
3 members.


Monthly C4SC Membership

A Center for Social Change membership is required for all fiscally sponsored projects.
We have monthly packages that start as low as:



Model A
Monthly Income Level Fee Schedule
$1 - $99,999 8% - 10%
$100,000+ TBD
Model C
Monthly Income Level Fee Schedule
$1 - $99,999 7%
$100,000+ 6%

Add 3% to fees for income from government grants.

Additional Services Available!

Don’t let β€œI don’t know” get in the way of serving your community. If you need training or guidance in any of the following areas to accelerate your project, you may ask our team for a proposal on any of the following services:

      • Additional bookkeeping
      • Grant research, writing, and management
      • Marketing, design, social media, event promotion, and fundraising campaigns
      • Computer/IT support