Fiscal Sponsorship at C4SC

Fiscal Sponsorship is a proven and cost-effective way to start a nonprofit organization. A Fiscal Sponsorship agreement allows a charitable venture to operate under the legal and tax status of the Center for Social Change. While the Center takes care of the administrative functions of finance, legal compliance and risk management, project leaders can focus on implementing mission-based programs and services. Using the Center’s tax-exempt status, project leaders can pursue grants and solicit tax-deductible donations. Fiscal sponsorship assures funders and donors that their dollars are well accounted for. As a project of the Center, the Center then becomes legally and financially responsible for all of the project’s activities. Projects can stay with the Center for as little or as long as they wish, depending on their needs and goals.

The Center for Social Change provides two fiscal sponsorship packages:

    1. Comprehensive (Model A) for projects that are unincorporated
    2. Funding Partner (Model C) for projects that are incorporated

Please refer to the C4SC Fiscal Sponsorship Services & Fees and Program Manual document for details.

Projects that are a good fit for Fiscal Sponsorship:

    • Coalitions and networks
    • Conference committees
    • For profits that want to raise funds for a specific social cause related to their business
    • Innovative projects looking to test a concept
    • Projects seeking to reduce administrative costs and overhead

Criteria to be considered for C4SC’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program:

    1. Mission alignment
    2. Serving a South Florida community
    3. A well written strategic plan and goals
    4. A prepared fundraising /financing plan
    5. An active Advisory Committee that includes a minimum of 3 members
    6. Demonstrated experience in leadership and management

If you meet these criteria and are ready to apply, please submit the application. We review applications on a weekly basis and will respond within 2 weeks of your submittal. Don’t forget to include all attachments.

To see our community of fiscally-sponsored projects, visit this page.

C4SC is a member of National Network of Fiscal Sponsors.


As a fiscal sponsor, we do not provide financial assistance directly to our fiscally sponsored projects.

C4SC does not accept projects or groups that are intended to propagate a religious faith, are restricted to one religion or denomination, or could be considered discriminatory in any way.