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Fiscal Sponsorship Program for Community Projects

Get Your Community Project Off The Ground Without Going Through The Hassle Of Starting a 501(c)3 Nonprofit

With fiscal sponsorship, you can rapidly launch, sustain, and grow your project underneath an already-registered 501(c)3 nonprofit and they'll even do your bookkeeping so you can focus on running your project!

Fiscal Sponsorship is a cost-effective way to run your project, allowing you to operate under the legal and tax status of an already-registered 501(c)3 nonprofit.

You might think the only way to launch your project is to set up a nonprofit, 
but now there‘s another way! 

Starting a 501(c)3 nonprofit can be a lengthy and complicated process, 
and it might not even be the right fit for your cause.
You know your mission-driven project will change the world, but you’ve been dreading all the grant applications, bookkeeping, and legal compliance nightmares that keep you from your passion project.

Your fiscal sponsor takes care of the administrative tasks of finance, legal, and risk management, 
while you get to focus on doing what you love:

Changing the world!

With your fiscal sponsor’s administrative expertise, you can run your project without the headache of tedious back office work most nonprofits need to do. 

And since your fiscal sponsor manages the administrative side of your business, you can pursue grants and tax-deductible donations, while assuring your funders that their dollars are well accounted for.

At the Center for Social Change we offer 
fiscal sponsorship services to projects that:

Are South Florida-based and have a local, regional, national, or international reach
Have a well-written strategic plan
An active advisory committee of at least 3 members

Fees: No Minimum Income Requirement

Most fiscal sponsors require a minimum project budget of $100,000!

Which can be way out of reach for many community initiatives. 

But with the Center for Social Change as your fiscal sponsor, you only pay a small monthly membership to get going. 
There are no minimum budget requirements, and our fees are based solely on your revenue.
Fiscal Sponsorship
Model A
for unincorporated projects without an employer identification number (EIN)
  • Annual Income: $1 - $99,999  |  Fee: 8% - 10%
  • Annual Income: $100,000+  |  Fee: TBD
Fiscal Sponsorship
Model C
for unincorporated projects without an employer identification number (EIN)
  • Annual Income: $1 - $99,999  |  Fee: 7%
  • Annual Income: $100,000+  |  Fee: 6%
Add 3% to fees for income from government grants.

Join our community of fiscally sponsored projects like yours, including:

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and More!

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Social Venture Partners Miami
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Mustard Seed Project

In addition, as part of your fiscal sponsorship package, you get to join our community of 70+ supported nonprofits and mission-driven causes just like yours!


Then fiscal sponsorship is for you!

If getting started with fiscal sponsorship through the Center for Social Change can help your project lift off, 
click the button below to get more info and fill out a free application!
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