Ready to get your community project off the ground?

Fiscal sponsorship is a cost-effective way to run your project, allowing you to operate under the legal and tax status of an already-registered 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Your fiscal sponsor takes care of the administrative tasks of finance, legal, and risk management,

while you get to focus on doing what you love:

Changing the world!

To be eligible:



Model A

For unincorporated projects without an employer identification number (EIN)

Monthly Income: $1 - $99,999  |  Fee: 8% - 10%

Monthly Income: $100,000+ | Fee: TBD


Model C

For incorporated projects with an employer identification number (EIN) but with no 501(c)3 tax exempt status

Monthly Income: $1 - $99,999 | Fee: 7%

Monthly Income: $100,000+ | Fee: 6%

As part of your fiscal sponsorship package, you will join our community of 40+ supported nonprofits and mission-driven causes just like yours!

In addition to the above fees, all projects join the C4SC community at one of our membership levels. Our most popular level for fiscal sponsored projects is $50/month.


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