C4SC November 2023 Updates & News

With Thanksgiving approaching, it is time when we, as a society, tend to talk more about gratitude. This time of the year should then naturally inspire us to extend this sense of gratitude into our everyday life. What would it feel like to be grateful without any reason, just appreciating the pure fact of being alive? Let’s all individually and collectively strive for that level of appreciation for life!

In this newsletter, November being a Native American Heritage Month, we are sharing few tips on how we can honor the original inhabitants of our country. We are also showcasing The Lucy Project as an inspirational local nonprofit organization, and highlighting many interesting happenings & events offered locally by our wonderful community!


We’d also like to extend an invitation to our OPEN HOUSE w Happy Hour that will be held on Thu Nov 9, 2023. Our doors will be open between 10am and 8pm, with happy hour starting at 4pm. Join us to see what’s new at the Center, meet our members, and network with the local community of changemakers!


RSVP here & we hope to see you there!

Now go ahead and read on for interesting insights, our monthly community highlight, inspiring local events and much more.



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