Nonprofit Education:

The Nonprofit Launchpad Series

Get the knowledge and tools you need to start and run your nonprofit, even if you have no experience and don't know where to start.

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Overview of Workshops and Offerings


Educational Workshops

Introduction to Starting Your Own Nonprofit Organization (2-Hour Workshop)

Start Your Business - Test the Viability (90-Minute Workshop)

Developing Your Business Plan (2-Hour Workshop)

Have a community project with a business plan, and need to raise funds, but don't want to go through the hassle of setting up a 501(c)3 nonprofit? Apply for C4SC's Fiscal Sponsorship Program.

Grants 101 - Be Your Own Grant Writer

() DIY Grant Writing Part 1 (2-Hour Workshop)

() DIY Grant Writing Part 2 (2-Hour Workshop)

() DIY Grant Writing Part 3 - Practical Intensive (2-Day Workshop)

() Ask a Grant Writer Day (Free Consultation Sessions)

() Funders' Roundtable Panel Discussion (90 Minutes)

() Office Hours for The Miami Foundation’s Community Grants Program (2-Hour Q&A)

Org Toolkit Workshop Series (Different Topic Every Month - 90 Minutes)

Workshops marked with a () are part of our DIY Grant Writing Series.

Additional Consulting Services


501(c)3 Application Filing Service

Starts at $1,000

Grant Research, Writing, and Management

Starts at $150/hour

Bookkeeping Services

Starts at $75/hour

Marketing, Design, Social Media, Event Promotion, and Fundraising Campaigns

Starts at $750/month

IT and Computer Support

Starts at $75/hour

Benefit From the Nonprofit Launchpad Series No Matter Where You Are On Your Nonprofit Journey

The Center for Social Change Nonprofit Launchpad Series is a curriculum of educational workshops designed to take you from "unsure" to "changing lives".

The series is divided into three phases to help you along your journey as a changemaker whether you're just thinking about starting a nonprofit, you're ready to test your idea, or you're ready to grow and scale your organization.

The following workshops can be found in our events calendar. Many of them are offered monthly, and they don't need to be taken in any particular order.

Center for Social Change members get access to these workshops for free or at reduced rates.

The Nonprofit Launchpad Series

3 Phases

1. Exploration

Want to make a difference? Learn from nonprofit leaders and test the viability of your ideas.

2. Startup

Already have an idea and want to get going? Attend free workshops every month to launch your project.

3. Growth

Workshops, intensives, and consulting to raise funds and take your community project to the next level.

Nonprofit Education Miami Center for Social Change

Phase 1: Exploration

Attend our free business and nonprofit startup workshops, co-created with SCORE Miami-Dade every month to test the viability and make adjustments to your vision. You can also take advantage of SCORE's free mentorship program to keep you on track!

Phase 1 Educational Offerings

Introduction to Starting Your Own Nonprofit Organization

Hosted by: Grants Ink and SCORE Miami-Dade

Do you have a big heart and you're interested in solving some of the biggest social problems in the world? Starting a non-profit and carrying out a social mission can be an extremely rewarding entrepreneurial experience. But just like starting a for-profit business, there are steps you need to take to ensure your nonprofit organization is effective, competitive, and sustainable.

If you are thinking of starting a non-profit organization, you should attend this workshop.

Start Your Business - Test the Viability

Hosted by: SCORE Miami-Dade

Think you have a great business idea, but don't know how to start? In this FREE workshop we will help you understand what is involved to start a business and your personal stage of readiness.

We will not only discuss the basics behind starting a business, but also give you the tools you need to decide whether or not you have a viable business.

Phase 2: Startup

Already have an idea and want to get going?

Attend free workshops every month with SCORE Miami-Dade to complete your business plan and connect with like-minded peers for additional support.

Phase 2 Educational Offerings

Developing Your Business Plan

Hosted by: SCORE Miami-Dade

The importance of planning should never be overlooked. For a small business to be successful and profitable, the owners must have a clear understanding of their product or service, customers, competition and financial projections. A Business Plan is a key operating tool to help manage your business and enable you to achieve greater success.

While a Business Plan is unique to each particular business, the basic elements are the same in all Business Plans.

This FREE course will take you through the step-by-step process of developing a Business Plan, describing the components and providing access to templates to help you get started.

Fiscal Sponsorship Program

If you have your own community project or want to start your own, and you're not sure if you're ready to go through the lengthy process of setting up your 501(c)3 tax status, consider partnering with the Center for Social Change as your Fiscal Sponsor. A Fiscal Sponsor is an already-registered 501(c)3 nonprofit that helps you with the backoffice responsibilities of finance, bookkeeping, grant application reviews, and tax reporting.

Nonprofit Education Miami Grant Workshop

Phase 3: Growth & Funding

Want to take your community project to the next level?

We offer grant writing workshops in partnership with Grants Ink, Q&A sessions with funding experts, and a wide range of free and affordable workshops (Org Toolkits) in business development, accounting, marketing, IT, and everything else you'll need to run your organization effectively so you can focus on your passion!

Phase 3 Educational Offerings

Nonprofit Education Miami Grants 101

Grants 101 - Be Your Own Grant Writer

Hosted by: Grants Ink and SCORE Miami-Dade

Grants are known as a way to get “free money” to support your business but the reality is that there is a lot to the process and grant funds may or may not be a good fit. In this intro to grants workshop, you will learn what grant funds really are, how to qualify, and most importantly how to make a clear decision on whether or not this is a good track for funding your business.

DIY Grant Writing Series - Part One

Overview of the basics of grant research and writing.

Hosted by: Center for Social Change & Grants Ink

In this introductory 2-hour workshop we’ll discuss what a grant application entails, how to make your proposal pop and where to find grant opportunities.

DIY Grant Writing Series - Part Two

Overview of grant funding strategy and best practices.

Hosted By: Center for Social Change & Grants Ink

In this 2-hour workshop, we’ll go a step further and discuss some of the strategies and best practices in grant writing, how to engage funders, and steps you can take to help you gain access to more sustainable funds for your project or program.

DIY Grant Writing Series - Part Three

Practical application of grant writing and research.

Hosted By: Center for Social Change & Grants Ink

In this 2-day, intensive workshop we’re putting pen to paper and giving you the opportunity to craft your own tailored research report, choose a grant to apply for, draft the application, present your case to our “funding board”, and receive real-time feedback on your proposal! The best part is that you’ll have enough completed at the end of the two-day workshop that you’ll be able to submit the proposal for real funding!

Ask a Grant Writer Day

Hosted By: Center for Social Change & Grants Ink

Board members, founders, and executive leaders of small to medium sized nonprofits are invited to schedule appointments. These free consultations are up to 30 minutes.

Funders' Roundtable

Hosted By: Center for Social Change & Grants Ink

Learn how to pursue foundation funding and how to properly engage with funders in this open dialogue with the funders themselves!

The Miami Foundation Community Grants Office Hours

Hosted By: Center for Social Change

Join the Miami Foundation Programs team with any questions you have about potential proposals for the year's Community Grants application.

Org Toolkit Social Media Karlene Scarlett Group

Org Toolkit Workshops

A Different Topic Every Month!

Hosted By: Center for Social Change

Every month, one of our professional partners gives you their knowledge and expertise in business development, finance, marketing, IT, social media, and more! Check our calendar for upcoming workshops.

Want to do a workshop or become a Center for Social Change Educational Partner?

Do you want to share your professional knowledge with Miami's nonprofit community, and have an opportunity to connect with potential clients who need what you offer?

Our Org Toolkit Workshops are the perfect opportunity for you to make an impact on local nonprofits while getting your business in front of the leaders you aim to serve. Org Toolkits last between 60-90 minutes, and we do all of the event promotions for you. All you do is pick a date, show up, and present.