Project Speech International

The purpose of Project Speech International is to empower parents of children with disabilities located in Latin America and the Caribbean who do not have access to speech therapy services, due to financial or geographical constraints. We provide parent coaching, which acts as a bridge, supporting parents and having them be the person who connects their child to communicate. Our parent coaches are American Speech and Hearing Association certified Speech-Language Pathologists. They specialize in knowing what it takes to help your child communicate. They meet with families regularly via video chat in order to provide suggestions and support them in increasing their child’s communication.

Mission Statement

To make speech therapy accessible to families in Latin America and the Caribbean, no matter their financial constraints.

Vision Statement

Our organization strives to assist families with fostering their child’s language development and expand the speech-language pathologists’ knowledge of cultural differences. We want the participants of our program to develop a deeper understanding of self and increase their acceptance of others in all arenas.

Contact Info:


IG: @ps.intl

Phone: 561-631-7723


Project Speech International is a fiscally sponsored project of the Center for Social Change, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization