Rise Up Social Enterprise

Who We Are:

TRUSE, which stands for The Rise Up Social Enterprise, is an Oklahoma City-based youth institution. TRUSE has been in existence for a considerable time, with the primary goal of improving the lives of the city's youngsters and less fortunate families. At TRUSE, we
value the strength of the local community. Our team of young adults and caring mentors teaches youth the skills they need to be productive residents of Oklahoma City. We strive to help young adults have better futures, regardless of their circumstances, through nurturing and creating supportive environments.

Oklahoma, like most American communities, battles with gang violence. Due to this issue, youths who lack access to educational opportunities or adequate social outlets are especially vulnerable. Consequently, the majority of them join gangs, which inhibits their
personal growth and usually puts them in serious jeopardy. Therefore, at TRUSE, we believe that early intervention is usually required to set teenagers and young adults on a path of healthy, joyful development and maturation. In addition, despite the fact that young people
require vital life skills for adulthood and employment, some Oklahoma’s lack prominent exposure.

TRUSE is dedicated to providing a safe atmosphere for youths to build healthy connections. We are attempting to establish a community-based, round-the-clock youth/teen facility to combat gang violence. Our main purpose is to provide a safe place for youngsters
to study, play, socialize, and grow while also assisting low-income families as much as possible. To make Oklahoma City a safe haven for families, we must all work together.

Furthermore, we aim to give young people an alternative to joining gangs. We also provide young people with various chances to study and enhance their skills.

Our opportunities include: Safe place,Teen lounge (15-18), Youth lounge (12-14), Classrooms, Game rooms, Rec room, Basketball courts, Football fields, Tennis courts, Food
pantry, Kitchen and Food.

Our programs include: Tutoring, Cooking classes, Mock interviews for school and jobs,
Finance class, Field trips, Art, Dance and Music.

Due to financial constraints, our capacity to promote lifelong skill development and
steer young people toward a path of empowerment and success has been challenged, and we thus request for financial support from various well-wishers/sponsors who want to be a part of transforming Oklahoma and making the city great.

Contact:  Jordan Rucker