The Two Fifths Institute

Our mission is to finish the work of our ancestors, outside of the shadows of our fore fathers, through the collective efforts of the duality of research and reform. Those efforts, coupled with finding practical solutions to complex problems. Thus, we can essentially color in the remaining 2/5ths of the circumference of the original compromise, thus creating a oneness for Black America. We aim to diagnose Black America’s most pressing socio-economic ills by turning concise, scientific solutions into policy changing mandates. We are people community connectors, we bring the citizens to the decision makers, the decision makers to the law makers, and we bring the law makers to the institutions of governance

Darnell Roberts

We are a nonprofit, non-partisan, social justice minded think tank powered by millennials and gen z scholars, funded by the allies that support us and represented by the black and brown intellectuals that personify us. At Two-Fifths, we fund research projects that unearth systems of injustice, in theory and in practice. We equip our distinguished fellows by giving them a sounding board for their thesis, analysis and subject matter expertise. Furthermore, our non-traditional think tank model helps to foster increased exposure for intellectuals and post secondary educated professionals to benefit from our multimedia platform. We are a cadre of community connectors. We strive to proceed with urgency to deliver results combining empirical information derived from our wide array of scholars and savants, with the contemporary scope of evidence-based policy as it pertains to the African American experience. We ostensibly legitimize policy influencing outcomes by carefully selecting the finest minds of public and private industry to deliver scholarly, fact-based evidence.

Annual Operating Budget  $25,000
Primary Issue Area Category Civic Engagement, Advocacy & Equity

The Two Fifths Institute Partnership is a fiscally sponsored project of the Center for Social Change, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization