‘Give Miami Day’ Offers You The Chance To Help Your Community

Give Miami Day is an opportunity to highlight the work and support the efforts of organizations house at the Center for Social Change that are working to change the world every day.

From CBS Miami:

Charities Services Centers was one of many organizations that supports the community year round. But on this day, they donated to dozens of nonprofits.

“Working here has been extremely gratifying,” said Robert Carbajal.  “Especially on days like today where I can see what we do actually goes directly into the pockets and funding that organizations need every single day to do what they do from education to afterschool programs to sports programs health research and all of it.”

In celebration of the 24-hour event, the Freedom Tower was lit purple.

Nonprofits like the ones housed at Center for Social Change are thankful.

“Who doesn’t feel good about giving back? We’re getting most of the holidays and we really like to see people get excited about giving back so that’s what exciting for us at Center for Social Change,” said Christina Pierce.

Watch the segment here.

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